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First Treatment


ongoing care

On a first session you would let me know your current state of health and the concerns that you have now as well as your past history. I will then survey the body through dowsing to get an overall picture of your state of wellbeing. This gives me the clues i need to go deeper into the areas that reveal problems.  I especially dowse the absorption of different minerals and vitamins and the health of the organs. For example if the sinuses show up as having an issue I can then look into which sinus has the problem and if it is an infection then which pathogen might be living there and even how long ago it took up residence.  I can also look into the emotional states that are affecting a specific location such as the lungs or liver.  I will then suggest what herbs, homeopathy, flower essences or supplements are required to achieve balance. The homeopathy can at times be nosodes which are the homeopathic equivalents of pathogens or classical homeopathy or could be my own brand of more esoteric trace element work i.e alchemy. 

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