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Sean Ferris

Opening a New Door to Health 

Dowsing is simply the art of finding what is hidden

Many people turn to this work after searching for

answers to their health problems for many years.

Dowsing allied with both modern and ancient medical

knowledge can provide a new door into 

long-held and long-suffered problems.



What is Medical Dowsing

Medical Dowsing is simply the art of applying the ancient art of dowsing to the health of the body.  At its most basic dowsing with a pendulum simply gives a binary yes or no answer.  With a little more thought this can be turned into a very complex system which can work out the health of every organ and system in the body as well as the state of the vitamins and minerals within it even down to the amino acids and trace elements and further still to the health of the cells. The scope of this type of dowsing is  limited only by the imagination of the dowser themselves. 


My aim is to treat the person as a whole autonomous being and not to lose sight of their own unique experiences and their connections to their wider environment. Health is as much about the story we are writing for ourselves as it is about the workings of the body. The greatest healing I have found is when people find their passion in life and I try to enable that where possible. 

Commonly Treated Problems









Acid reflux


Chronic Fatigue

Chrohns Disease

Digestive Disorders

Low Immune System

Environmental Toxins

Emotional Traumas

Chronic joint problems

Chronic Bacterial, Fungal, Parasitic or Viral Infections

And many other health disorders


'IT ALL FINALLY MADE SENSE...since seeing Sean I feel like a completely new person. My memory has returned, I can function, I have more energy, my work is booming, I have more confidence now - everything is better than ever before. He is one hell of a healer who really knows his stuff.'   S. from Somerset England after 3 appointments

For many years I felt unwell and it got to the point where I barely had the energy to talk!! I only went to Sean by default since I took my daughters appointment. That was the best thing that could have happened to me. I feel that I have my life back. I have energy to live a normal life with enjoyment instead of every moment being a struggle. T. from Totnes England

I had been having mood swings and had not been feeling happy in my life. I had been feeling debilitated and energyless. I asked Sean for help. He advised amongst other things that I cut out gluten from my diet. Since then I have not eaten wheat, barley, oats or rye and I found that my mood swings stopped, that I had more energy and generally felt more enthusiastic about life. I felt so grateful to Sean at the time and continue to do so. M. UK

Within 3 weeks of Sean's first treatment my digestion improved with the dull ache in my colon disappearing. I slept better, had more energy, my mood lightened and I felt more positive. With the second treatment my sinuses, which had been blocked for many years, cleared and I could think more clearly. By the third I was more energetic and healthy than I had been for years. I let go of a lot of baggage, lightened up and felt calm and positive. Most strikingly I had a feeling of being at one with myself and enjoying simply being which I can't ever remember before. I find it impossible for my mind to comprehend that dowsing works but it obviously does. L. Dorset UK

I came to see Sean with a level of fatigue that made doing my physiotherapy exercises for old injuries impossible. After the first treatment I soon felt there was more of me available, clearer inside with more access to the energy in my core. The rigorously scientific way that Sean works with 'mystery' results in incredibly accurate mapping of the whole being. It introduced me to a whole system of understanding which retains a thrilling fascination for me. His method touches upon genius. L Scotland

About Me

I became a dowser thirty years ago in my teens when I suffered from a mystery illness and had to find a way back which didn't involve the Allopathic methods that were failing me.  Twenty years ago I became a professional after training with the renowned health dowser Jack Temple - who wrote the books, The Healer and Medicine Man. Dowsing enables a detailed exploration of the body on many levels and allows me to constantly uncover more of its mysteries. I like to think of the work as a balanced mix of art and science. I use a structured approach with room to allow for a client's own unique nature to be taken into account. 

My own contributions to health include a comprehensive understanding of the Gluten & Dairy intolerances which I find to be the cause of virtually all the chronic illnessess I see in my clients. I therefore see it as a far more widespread and serious problem than is generally understood and has wide reaching health implications including being the basis for most Chronic Fatigue and ME and also for several life-threatening ailments. My investigations have also revealed some of the roles of the Precious Metals in the body.  This 'Alchemy'  is a pattern that has shaped and still shapes human evolution and reveals a beautiful link between the body and the cosmos. Dowsing has also helped me develop a working knowledge of many pathogens which under the 'microscope' of the pendulum reveal many chronic infections that can stay undiagnosed and undetected for decades or even a lifetime.


 I am also a keen Land Dowser and after a vision in my early 20's have followed and documented an unfolding journey with Earth Energy lines throughout the SouthWest of England and beyond. Please check out my blogs for more details on Alchemy, Allergies and Earth Energies as well as Philosophical musings. I give talks and workshops on dowsing throughout the UK and now work through the internet reaching clients around the world.  I am a member of the British Society of Dowsers, giving lectures and workshops for the Society and also belong to the Dowsing Research Group. 

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