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Arthur and Guinevere – The Solstice Dragons

extract written in 2013

“Come to Tintagel and all will be revealed” – this was the surprising voiceover accompanying a vision I had of a vast spire of rock standing proud of a dark cliffside. This vision began a quest to find the earth energy lines that I would eventually call Arthur and Guinevere.

25 years have passed since I listened to that voice and discovered the pinnacle of rock to be real and not a figment of a young and active imagination. That discovery was both life affirming and life changing since it stood as 80 foot proof that this world was indeed a magical place.

14 years from its discovery I stood with my back to the slate base of the rock looking out over the Atlantic as sunlight dazzled from the surface of the water. In that moment I could feel power all around me. Here was an earth energy line, a dragon whose fire flooded the floor of the quarry that the pinnacle stood in and spilled out to sea. I was, by that time, a professional health dowser but only a novice earth energy dowser but I knew enough to race to the top of the cliff, map dowse the line and trace its South East path through Cornwall and Devon.

I traced its path through Bodmin moor into Plymouth and on to Start Point at the South Eastern tip of the South Hams not far from where I live in Totnes. As to its female counterpart I would have to go through much soulsearching before I had the ability to uncover her more mysterious ways. Now though I have walked the routes of both serpents across Bodmin moor and even pursued them through France to gain a little more understanding of their nature.

Why Arthur and Guinevere? The connection began to appear when I was following the male line and bacame lost on Bodmin Moor. I had started at Liskeard and was walking from the Hurlers stone circles, where Arthur meets the Michael and Mary line, when I found I could not follow its path. I had lost him and had to make my way to my digs for the night, the famous Jamaica Inn. However I did manage whilst walking there to pick him up slithering in front of me heading north west. I checked on the map and thought that he might be heading for Dozmary pool the legendary site of Excalibur's return to the lady of the lake. This intrigued me but I left it to check out later as the light was fading. (Later I was to find out that he did indeed go straight across the little lake.) The next day he was not hard to find since he went straight through Jamaica Inn.

The next day I carried on over the sparse and beautiful landscape of Bodmin Moor accompanied by wild ponies and skylarks until I reached Camelford. The line did not pass through the town but skirted it some distance to the North through Slaughterbridge where King Arthur was reputedly killed at the battle of Camlaan. Now I knew I was on to something especially since the energy ley then went through the nearby Arthurian centre. It went through various interesting sites after that including Condolden Barrow until eventually, breathing a sigh of relief, since one never truly knows if one is correct from map dowsing, the stone pinnacle.

After spending a night in the youth hostel. l I headed back to dowse the pinnacle. I was in for a surprise, the dragon did not keep going across the sea to Ireland as expected, instead it did a vast Eastward curve and of course made straight for Tintagel Island, Arthur's birthplace. I found him at the tiny chapel on top of the Island. From there looking straight along his line I could see his next destination and couldn't help laughing, the Camelot Castle Hotel. This monolith was built for the railway that never came.

Surreptitiously dowsing with my fingers in the lobby of the hotel and from a distance I found that Arthur met another line (I later found to be Guinevere) and where they met created a four petalled shape. This meeting point was marked, again I couldn't help laughing, by a small replica of the round table found in Winchester Great Hall complete with the knights places. As I walked up to it I was delighted to see that at the centre of the table there was a five petal version of the shape I had just drawn.

This was the end of this journey as Arthur then finally set off on his journey to Ireland but it had shown me that this was a dragon intimately linked to our most famous English legend and it was just the beginning of working out a greater meaning.

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